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LOA first meetup!

This is a report on how the first meetup of Lolitas Of Arkansas went.
Place: Panera Bread Bakery, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Time: 1:00pm-About 3:00pm
Journal written by: Admin

I arrived at about 12:45pm, and I was the first one there. To my delight, three other people had come literally right after me. By the end of the meetup, we had nine in total.
We all sat down and talked for a bit, introducing ourselves and telling our favorite brands/aspects of the fashion. After about twenty minutes or so, we stood up and got our meals and drinks, then sat back down. We all ate/drank and talked about different things, such as lolita, and also talking about cosplay and foreign languages.
After we couldn't think of anything else to say, we played a game like "Heads Up!" where we all put slips of paper to our heads with different people/objects (wasn't lolita specific, though that's a good idea for the future). Though, after a while of hard guessing and thinking, we decided to quit the game.
Then we stood up and started to leave, but not before we took photos! A kind gentleman in Panera took photos of our group for us. Here's the photos below!
Photo taken by gentleman in Panera.
Photo taken by a member of LOA.
The meetup was really great! We all got along very swell.

Future Meetup: Secret Santa Gift Exchange
Status: Unfinalized (Everything is subject to change)
Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Location: Books A Million, Lakewood Village, North Little Rock, AR
If you are interested in LOA or our future meetup please private message me here or through FaceBook.

Lolitas of Arkansas on Facebook

See you!

Arkansas, U.S., Lolitas?

I am a newbie lolita located in Arkansas, U.S.A. I noticed there was a community, but it appears as if it's been dead for some time now (about two years). I wanted to see if there were any other lolitas who are interested in starting a new community (or reviving the old one) or wanting to meet up at a local convention. If you live in a nearby state and go conventions in Arkansas, I would also love to meet up!

New to LJ!

Hello, I'm theoremcat and I'm new to LJ!
I hope that I will be welcomed here and if I do anything wrong, please politely tell me.
Thank you and I'm ready to start posting!,



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